Spring Steelheading

Team Lange Hits the Run on the Head

A few photos from the first part of my winter guiding season...

IMG_1412 (8).jpg

Jesse Lange taking a break from the winery.

IMG_1423 (6).jpg

Father son team Don and Jesse Lange put in a lot of time for their steelhead.


A dandy buck that paled in comparison to a fish landed minutes before.


This big boy came close to the beach then made a waking run across the river!! I wont forget this one!


I wont deny it, I am attracted to shiny things.


Fresh flies for fresh fish. Picking the right one is always fun... we call this fly anxiety.

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Review: Kast Steelhead Glove

I picked up a pair of these from the good folks at Deschutes Angler last month.  I was about to head out on my annual fall "end of the season" float with some pals, and the forecast was for super cold and windy... my favorite combination!  Late fall in Central Oregon can be down right frickin freezing, especially with a little wind chill.

The first thing I noticed was the huge loop that you can use to pull the gloves on.  Very cool.  It helped a lot when I needed to get them on quick, even with numb fingers.  The next feature I like is the heavy duty rubber cuff.  You can stretch it around your sleeve and it has very high quality velcro.  The fleece lining was comfy and didn't separate from the shell of the glove... it is a single membrane I believe.  They are waterproof... I dipped my hands in the river to test and they stayed dry.  I can strip and shoot line while wearing them.  Changing flies or hooks and tying knots with the gloves on is out of the question, but otherwise they are allow for quite a bit of finger dexterity.

I will be wearing these gloves all winter.  They get a thumbs up from me.