The simple pleasure

I have to admit that I am very much a dry fly type of person, and all swing when it comes to steelhead... but I also can't deny the simple pleasure of indicator fishing for trout in a heavy riffle.  Maybe its the water rushing around your legs, or the unknown that lies beneath the broken surface.  It could be the rhythmic cast-mend-drift.  After crouching under trees, hiding behind grass, and straining our eyes to spot rising fish it is relaxing to just stand in a good riffle and cast away.

Our steelhead season starts the day after tomorrow and the river is currently running 62.4 degrees at the mouth.  Looking forward to wading the runs and watching the morning sun creep down the canyon walls towards the river.

Cool and wet,


July Trout Fishing on the Deschutes

Here are a few photos from the past few weeks of fishing the caddis hatch on the Lower Deschutes.  Hot weather, lots of bugs, and rising trout.  What more do you want?!

Salmonfly Aftermath

Spring is rolling into summer quickly on the Lower Deschutes River and we are feeling the HEAT in Maupin right now.  We are several weeks ahead of schedule on the bug program.  The salmonflies and golden stones have come and gone.  We caught our first trout on stones down stream from Maupin (but above Sherar's) at the end of April.  Our first trout on salmonflies from Warm Springs to Trout Creek came on May 3!  This year's hatch was good despite the usual atomic bomb of fishing pressure that goes off.

With the recent blast of heat the caddis have made their presence known to the trout.  Yellow Sallies have been on the menu as well.  We have been spending our guide days on all parts of the river from Warm Springs to the mouth, hunting for happy trout and the perfect hatch.  The relative slack in crowds combined with a huge biomass of food makes for a pleasant day of solitude and plenty of big fish sight casting opportunities.

For the next month we will be focused purely on trout fishing the Deschutes.  There are a few days open late in June and early July if you feel the itch to hunt trout with us (or is that poison ivy?!).  Life is good on the Deschutes... summer time and the living is easy!



Spring Steelheading